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One when you call the diet is the process of losing weight without breakfast, 1200 calorie diet plan proper diet should include breakfast, and no breakfast, you will only get a sense of weakness that lead to several diseases. 1200 calorie diet menu for breakfast you are,

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a good healthy diet

Why choose bananas? The content of potassium in the bananas to make a normal heartbeat and can regulate water levels in the body to stay balanced. By eating a banana every morning, then the calorie needs are met and you are able to make full without having to eat heartily at noon.

Bananas also contain fiber which is very good for the smooth defecation. Banana consumption can also be varied by making the salad, mix cereal, and of course eaten directly.
How dose consumption of bananas every morning? One or two medium-sized banana is enough for you.


One of the menu list of healthy diet that has become a mainstay has a content of complex carbohydrates that can provide energy reserves for you. Not surprisingly, with oats you able to move better than usual. In addition to complex carbohydrates, oats also contain fiber which is good for digestion and filling the stomach, moreover, oats have been associated with a healthy heart.

Energy reserves produced by oats you can use for a long time. In addition, the complex carbohydrate content could supply energy throughout the day. So it is advisable to consume oats when the mornings.

Just like bananas, oats can also serve together with other food or drink in order not to get bored. Cookies low fat and low fat milk are two additional can you bring into play when bored eating plain oats.

There is a unique way to consume oats, which make it a healthy snack. A strange way, but better than potato chips instead?

Green tea

We need cleaner, and facilitating the circulation of blood in the morning. Green tea is a beverage that can do the job well. This drink contains the best antioxidant capable of improving blood circulation so that your nutrition is spread evenly throughout the body.

The recommended way to consume green tea is unsweetened, if you can not stand the taste of bitter, add sugar but with very little content.


For lunch, you are allowed to choose foods with weight categories. Its function remains the same, namely to maintain the nutrients the body to keep it in the best condition. There are three foods that can make your lunch favor despite being on a diet.

Red Rice

Reportedly, the current red rice is endemic area. There are many people who started to replace brown rice and white rice left. Compared with white rice, brown rice contains more fiber, vitamin B that is more complete, and more slowly absorbed carbohydrate. The situation is certainly very complete combination supports your diet program. Why is that? With fiber you will feel full longer, and carbohydrate is absorbed longer make your energy up all day.

However, there are things to consider when cooking brown rice. You need to know how to cook brown rice properly so that the nutrients are not lost and can be optimally absorbed.

You need to remember the steak is enjoyed without consuming white rice. Due to a combination of proteins along with white rice will make your digestion to work much harder.


Did you know that chili capcaisin contain substances that can improve the body in burning calories. The substance releasing hormone adrenaline that the body's ability to burn calories the better.


At dinner, choose foods that remain include protein and vitamins from vegetables and fruit. Avoid variety of foods that contain carbohydrates because it can make your stomach to work harder to digest food.

For the right time, choose a time of 3 hours before you sleep. By that time, it means that you have given the body a chance to digest the food before bed. There are two types of food that could be your dinner companion.


Is a source of omega 3 which strengthens blood circulation, so the heart also becomes healthier. To improve its function, cook the fish with olive oil and oil stop carelessly that clearly contain bad fats.

Green Vegetables

It is one member of a list of healthy diet you should consume. Broccoli, spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower can be your good friend. Four vegetables are vegetables under 40 calories, making it suitable for diets. Consumption of these foods with boiled or steamed but not too ripe.

That 1200 calorie diet menu that you can consume. Variousfoods are readily available menu is not it? But the core of a healthy diet is to consume healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and mineral intake is adequate.

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