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14 Day Diet to 1500 and 1200 Calorie Meal Plan

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How to Conduct 1500 Calorie Diet?

1500 calorie diet is one type of diet is very healthy for the body and effective way to lose weight within a 14 day diet. Diet is done by selecting the type of calorie intake that can accelerate the process of metabolism. Weight loss is usually caused because there is a reduction in the number of calories absorbed by the body. Although only consume 1500 calories a body, but the body remains a source of energy. An important basis of this diet is to consume foods that are healthy for the body, such as fruits, vegetables, eliminating all fats, preservatives and avoid fast food. Here are tips for successfully doing 1500 calorie diet for 14 day diet;

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Discard all food reserves

You might be difficult to go on a diet in 1500 calorie if it still has a reserve of food in the refrigerator. The first step to limit the number of calories is all throw out all the food reserves are not included in the list of healthy menu. Replace all food reserves with healthy foods that will be included in the daily menu plan. You must create a daily menu before entering the main diet menu.

Create Menu Daily

Make daily menu is an important part of this diet. You have to calculate the number of calories according to need. Some people always include fruit and vegetables in the menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also do not consume carbohydrates in the dinner menu. This would be an effective way to run a healthy diet 1500 calories.

Why 1200 calorie meal plan can Succeed?

1200 calorie meal plan to be one diet method that is considered the most successful in the 14 day diet. The basis of this diet is doing an effort to consume calorie diet with a smaller amount of calories per day needs. Although this diet method is always based on ideal weight goal, but it turns out this diet is already proven. This diet can actually be done by eating foods that contain 1200 calories a day for 14 days. Here are some important guidelines to conduct a 1200 calorie diet.

Variations 1200 calorie meal plan

Although you should limit the number of daily calories, however, you must meet all of the amount of nutrients needed. This step can be done by making the daily menu plan. You should see all the nutrients that exist in the source of carbohydrate, protein, vegetables, fruits and drinks. After that set a certain number of calories that should go into the body. At the beginning of this diet may be less effective because the body will be more fat. So, choose the intake of essential nutrients for the body.

Prohibition in the 1200 calorie meal plan

1200 calorie meal plan can basically have different outcomes, depending on the person doing the diet. Some restrictions in diet are such as to leave some kind of nutrients that a source of energy for the body, consuming food and drinks with preservatives and leave all drinks with soda. So this prohibition must be complied with in 1200 calorie meal plan.

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