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DASH diet has been named as the best diet trend according to the doctors in the United States in a study conducted by US News & World Report. This diet is not only able to lower high blood pressure, but also can lose weight! This is the full story.

Dash Diet
DASH, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension was finally recognized doctors in the United States as the best diet trends for this year beat 29 other diets. Now, the DASH diet has been popular among Hollywood celebrities not only to lose weight but also keeping more stable. Just mention Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson who has long made a lot of people surprised at her weight loss is quite significant. What exactly is special about the DASH diet?

Diet created by a nutrisionist named Marla Heller was originally developed as part of research being done to find ways how to lower a person's blood pressure without undergoing specific treatment. But in the end, the DASH diet is also capable of reducing the waistline too! This diet is clearly able to help a person to determine how many calories will be consumed, set the source of calories is obtained, and also encourage the person to limit consumption of salt each day. So, how does this diet work?

DASH diet works with two phases. The first phase lasts two weeks. In this phase transition preferably about low carbohydrate consumption, aimed at resetting the body's metabolic system to cut all consumption of carbohydrate derived from rice, wheat, corn, and so forth. In addition, consumption of fruits also included in this phase are avoided. At this phase, the results obtained more quickly visible. Waist circumference will quickly be seen reduced.

Then proceed to the second phase is done after the first phase is completed. In this phase, fruit, vegetable carbohydrate, as well as all the consumption of carbohydrate derived from rice, wheat, corn, and others began to be introduced back into the body. It is intended to continue the diet and lose weight, plus lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels of people who run it. In this second phase, the person will learn how to maintain the diet as a long-term diet will still be done to reduce blood pressure and increase levels of good cholesterol in the body.

The second phase is what makes the DASH diet have been 22 medical experts in the United States as the best diet to assess the resulting effect in the short term and the long term. This diet assessment determined in 7 sizes, the weight loss in the short term, ease, nutrients derived, safety of the people who do it, the ability to avoid or control diabetes, and the ability to avoid or control of a person's heart disease. And the DASH diet with the highest score wins, defeating The Dukan Diet was popular because it made Kate Middleton ahead of her wedding day.

The results obtained, a person who did it are various DASH diet because it is determined by the metabolic system itself. However, a study to prove that this diet can reduce a person's body weight of 2.2 kg within two weeks. This means that in the first phase. Sounds very small? As explained previously, this is the DASH diet was initially not intended to lose weight, but rather to a decrease in a person's blood pressure. Weight loss is a plus. Especially if it collaborated with a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

To make it easier if you are interested in doing this diet, we serve diet plan recommended by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute in the United States. In it attached two tables devoted to women and men with a respective number of calories per day should be obtained. Each table is divided into three parts, namely:
  • Sedentary, meaning that you're only doing light physical activity every day.
  • Moderate active, meaning that you do physical activity equivalent to walking about 2-5 km at a speed of 5 to 6.5 km / h per day, coupled with light physical activity.
  • Active, meaning that you do physical activity equivalent to walking more than 5 km at a speed of 5 to 6.5 km / h per day, coupled with light physical activity.

The more curious is the DASH diet? most importantly, the diet consult with a nutritionist right. By doing so, the nutritionist can help you to make a meal plan that will be consumed each day with the right amount of calories. good luck!

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