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By James Hyla

A water diet is not a starvation diet when you only drink water. During this diet you can eat 'normally' and still can lose weight. You have to drink water in certain amounts and during a specified time in the day.

Water Diet
Firstly I want to stress that regardless of the name of this diet, the water diet is not based on drinking water and not eating. To put it in another words the water diet is NOT a starvation diet.

So, now that we are certain what this diet isn't, let's discover what it really is. You can say that it is a diet to lose weight and can be considered a detox diet. According to scientists, when we are thirsty, our body gives a signal to our brain that is interpreted by us as hunger. So, instead of drinking we eat. Accordingly, because we don't need these calories, the unwanted calories are turned into fat. It works in the other way too, when we drink water, our brain receives a signal from our body, that it received food and the hunger alarm can be turned off. That's the foundation of the water diet.


  • Drink often with small sips.
  • Drink mineral or tap water. They give you the proper amount of minerals.
  • When we want to lose weight, better use cold water (not too cold though), because our body after receiving such, needs to warm up, so it burns calories in order to do so.
  • Drink about 1-1.5 gallons of water a day.
  • Besides water you can drink tea (green and red), herb tea.
  • A great way to drink water is to prepare it with a lemon slice and a leave of mint. Don't add sugar.
  • If you feel weak or have any problems with your health - consult your doctor.


Don't drink more than two glasses at a time, because it unbalances the mineral stability of the body - it reduces the concentration of minerals. It also dilutes blood, so our heart needs to pump faster.
When to drink?

  • In the morning, just after waking up, before breakfast. This prepares you digestion system for the next step.
  • Half hour before each meal. This way you will fill your stomach and in the end you will eat less.
  • One and a half hour after eating. This will prevent eating in-between meals.
  • Half an hour before sleeping. Water helps to rest and regenerate during sleep.
  • Every time you are hungry.
  • Don't drink during eating. When you drink during a meal, you chew less, What this does is you are able to eat more. Accordingly your body receives more calories and in consequence you gain weight. Apart from that, drinking during eating dilutes gastric juice which perturbs the digesting process. This causes gases, bloating and constipation.

What to eat?

Generally, you can eat what is considered to be a healthy meal: vegetables, lentil, beans, whole grain products, groats, nuts, cereals, healthy oils, fruit. As an addition you can eat lean meat, fish, low fat dairy products (personally I eat that rarely - less than once a month). Check out the new nutrition pyramid.

And what is most important: stay active. Physical activity is an essential to a healthy diet. It keeps your weight optimal, helps you get rid of toxins and strengthens your body. Ride a bike, run, go to the gym, take a yoga class or a dancing lesson. If you are not into sports, go for a walk. Every effort counts.

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