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This diet is a diet that simply eating foods such as human antiquity. Times have advanced, want to order a meal just call or short messaging. Various types of food available, either directly eaten raw up. Unfortunately, more and more processed foods, more and more artificial chemicals into the body, it is said to be one of the causes of increased disease. So not surprisingly, awareness of healthy living makes a lot of people do paleo diet.

What is the paleo diet?

Leave fast food, instant noodles, chocolate, bread, milk, donuts, juice manufactured and processed foods more palatable. Paleo diet uses only natural materials supplied. Just like early man, you just eat vegetables, nuts, some fruits that are not too sweet, fish, chicken, eggs, red meat and olive oil.

Paleo Diet

In the picture above, we believe many people will raise their hands before trying paleo diet. Though there are many benefits paleo diet. Forget fast food and you will feel the fresh body with natural foods.

Reported by, paleo diet can improve fitness, brain healthier, better cell regeneration, the body perform better expenditure toxins, the body adequate nutrition, the body does not accumulate artificial chemical substances, reducing inflammation and preventing various diseases. You who want to slim down and maintain weight loss can also try the paleo diet.

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The 3 Week Diet
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